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Hex Core 2018 Trapeze 10 out of 10 2 user reviews.

Ride Engine Hex Core 2018 Waist Harness

Next generation hard backplate waist harness

Ride Engine has turned the kite world upside down with the Hex Core. This was the very first waist harness with a hard rear panel, which gives you more support while kitesurfing. The "Glass Shell" also ensures that it fits good around your body and prevents it from creeping up so easily. Comfort, combined with support. The third generation Hex Core is better than ever!

The Hex Core has become famous for its "Armor Shell". This lightweight rear plate is strong and designed to connect seamlessly to your body. The pressure of the kite is evenly distributed on your entire back. This Armor Shell comes in different colors, each with its own style!

This year they added the "Fusion Foam" to the Hex Core. This new material gives you an even better feeling while kitesurfing and minimizes the chance it will creep upwards. The Ride Engine Hex Core 2018 has been given a quick locking system. This makes it very to put it on and easy to adjust if necessary. We have known this system from other brands, such as Mystic, but now also the Hex Core has this great strap system. The Ride Engine Hex Core comes with a free safety knife for free.

  • Ride Engine Hex Core 2018
  • Armor Shell
  • Precision fit
  • Back grip
  • Detachable HandlePass Leash
  • Fusion Foam
  • Fast locking system
  • Different colors

    Ride Engine Hex Core 2018 Trapeze

  • Hex Core 2018 Trapeze Rating: 10 out of 10 Thom 2019-05-03
    3 May 2019 on 08:33

    The best harness i have ever used!

    Hex Core 2018 Trapeze Rating: 10 out of 10 Josha 2018-10-15
    15 October 2018 on 11:34

    Dit is één van de beste hardshell trapezes van dit moment. De Hex Core is de eerste hardshell op de markt, maar is nu toch nog een stuk verder ontwikkeld dan zijn voorganger. De trapeze heeft iets meer padding waardoor hij lekkerder zit dan ooit. Ik merkte direct dat hij ook nog beter op zijn plek blijft zitten. Ook de nieuwe sluiting is echt een mooie aanwinst omdat hij minder snel los gaat zitten of omhoog schuift. Zeker een aanrader!

    Maattabel Ride Engine Prime Shell Harness

    Size Waist in cm Spreaderbar size
    XS 60 - 66 8”
    S 66 - 76 8”
    S 78 - 84 10”
    M 81 - 86 8”
    M 84 - 91 10”
    L 89 - 94 10”
    L 94 - 99 12”
    XL 94 - 99 10”
    XL 99 - 112 12”

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