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Amp V1 2019 KiteOzone

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Ozone Amp V1 2019 Kite

The choice of Ruben Len10!

The Ozone Amp announces a new era for the big air kiteboarder Ruben Len10. Ozone has designed a kite that pushes you to bring out the best of yourself and go higher and harder than ever before. The Ozone Amp 2019 is a freestyle / park style kite that is incredibly versatile. This kite has a traditional C-design, but the advantages of bridles to provide you more depower and a great windrange.

Ozone has worked behind the scenes for years to design the best freestyle kite of this moment. The Amp is made to grow with you. Whether you start your first kiteloops, or you want to push yourself as hard as Ruben, the Ozone Amp 2019 helps you to make rapid progress. It offers an extremely refined control and predictable and intuitive steering behavior so you will not soon be surprised. The Amp is smooth, explosive and has an amazing lift!

The Ozone Amp V1 2019 can be flown with 3 different settings to suit your style. With bridles the Amp can be flown on a freeride kiteloop setting, or park setting. If you prefer the real C-kite feeling, you can fly it on a 5-line setting without bridles. Progression to the people!

  • User-friendly C-Kite
  • Predictable steering behavior
  • Adapts to your riding style and level
  • 3 different settings
  • Ozone quality
  • D2 Dacron
  • Unique bladder construction
  • One pump
  • Extra reinforcements
  • 4 or 5 lines
  • Mega kiteloops
  • Unhooked or hooked tricks

    Ozone Amp V1 2019 Kite

    Ozone Amp V1 2019 Kite

    Ozone Amp V1 2019 Kite

    Ozone Amp V1 2019 Kite

    Ozone Amp V1 2019 Kite

    Ozone Amp V1 2019 Kite

    Ozone Amp V1 2019 Kite

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