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Ripper 3 SurfboardCore Kiteboarding

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Core Ripper 3 Surfboard Directional

Core all-round kitesurf directional surfboard

The Core Ripper 3 is for all kite surfers who have made the waves their favorite playground. There is no better feeling than surfing waves in all shapes and sizes. Your surfboard is your favorite means of transport, in all conditions. From the messy surf on the North Sea to the super clean reef breaks at Mauritius and Maui, the Core Ripper 3 is a true "wave warrior" under all circumstances. The Core Ripper 3 is a super comfortable, fiber-optic shortboard made in Portugal that you will take with you on every roadtrip to any wave with or without straps!

The Core Ripper 3 surfboard directionals are all designed in Germany by the Core design team in Fehmarn. The surfboards are then made in small batches in Portugal by the best surfboard shapers in Europe. The Core Ripper 3 has a "closed-cell" foam core. This core can be shaped with enormous precision by a CNC machine and the shapers in Portugal. Also this type of foam does not absorb water. The foam is reinforced in the middle with a wooden double stringer that also contains the inserts of your foot straps.

The "closed-foam" core of the Core Ripper 3 is equipped with a multi-layer glassing. World-class surfers such as Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning always surf on "glass" surfboards and not on the new ESP boards. They prefer the smoother, more flexible and less stiff feel of the fiberglass boards over the new ESP technology.
The Ripper 3 has a classic shortboard design. This design works well in chaotic wind waves and clean reef breaks. The new Ripper 3 has slightly more speed and control at high speed due to the somewhat more narrow and parallel outline. Core has opted for a round tail instead of a square one for the new Ripper 3. This gives you a little more volume for knee-high waves, control at giant slammers and a slightly more manoeuvrable character. In the nose, the Ripper 3 has become a little more blunt. Core has chosen this because it is safer, more durable and looks cool. This also makes the Ripper 3 easier to fit in your boardbag.

The Core Ripper 3 has a classic Thruster three fins setup. With a thruster setup you can ride faster and you have more grip compared to a quad setup. The fins that fit the thruster setup are FCS II fins. The fins are not supplied as standard with the Core Ripper 3.

So do you want an all-round wave warrior? Surf in all conditions from the messy North Sea to One-Eye with a real surf feeling? With and without straps? Then the Core Ripper 3 is a surfboard for you!

  • All-round surfboard
  • Shortboard shape
  • Closed foam
  • Wooden stringer
  • Inserts for foot tires
  • Thruster setup
  • FCS II finboxes
  • 5'8 "- 23L | 5'10 '- 25L | 6'1 "- 27L

    Core Ripper 3 surfboard directional

    Core Ripper 3 surfboard directional

    Core Ripper 3 surfboard directional

    Core Ripper 3 surfboard directional

    Core Ripper 3 surfboard directional

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